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Interconnection is the linking of the networks of two or more service providers thus enabling the subscribers on one network to access the subscribers of the other networks. In a multi-operator environment, seamless interconnection is the most important factor that could affect the growth of the industry. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) estimates that in most telecom environments, at least 60% of all traffic is interconnect.

In today's evolving telecommunications market, operators are looking to save money while making the most of existing investments. Increased competition is forcing operators to focus on customer-facing operations and to allocate their non–core, back-end operations to vendors, which may include outsourcing network management and design.

Network vendors, therefore, have become a key component in operators' day-to-day operations, and can really make a difference. Carriers and vendors have had long relationships, and operators trust vendors to know their gear and how to keep the network running smoothly. As such, more and more carriers are moving toward managed services as a way to do business.

NiconnX Communications Ltd is the product of structured collaboration between technocrats with versatile exposures and competences in the telecommunication industry.

Our Company Profile

company profile

NiconnX is an Abuja based company licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide and operate Interconnect Exchange Services throughout Nigeria.


Our Services

The following are NiconnX's core service areas:
Co-location and Infrastructure Sharing
Number Portability


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